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Mia C. Serrano, Publisher -

Our publisher is pure Canadian of Chinese and Filipino Ancestry, a graduate of the largest university in the Far East , known as The University of the East, with a bachelor degree in Business Administration. Coming to Canada was a hard start but eventually got into the Shmata Busines, Jewish words for rugs business on garment and textile industry. An opportunity to train under an accomplished international trader, consultant to three of the first five largest corporations in the word, paved her way to becoming a million dollar marketing lady, there after hired by one of the largest men's and ladies' sportswear company, for it's merchandising division. She was appointed publisher in December 1990, by the non-profit group that runs The Montreal Tribune.


Conrad David Brillantes - Editor-In-Chief

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Martin Stone - Contributing Editor



Charles McKeenang - Editorial Assistant & Copywriter  Ansari Dansalan  - Correspondent  Carlos Mendoza - Writer


News from "That side of the world"

By Dr. Naseeb Ullah, Writer, Editor, Copy Writer, Political Consultant


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