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*** ? Reported closed, please check

W. I. Villager Ltd.
598 Norris Court
Kingston, Ontario K7P 2R9
Tel (613) 384-3930, 1-800-267-7895, Fax 384-4932
Attn: Mr. R. Griffiths

Walton & Patina
1179A King St.W Suite 101
Toronto, Ontario M6K 3C5
Tel (416) 532-5960, Fax 534-3356

Warnaco of Canada
707 St. Lawrence St. North
Prescott, Ontario K03 1T0
Tel (613) 925-5981, Fax 925-5983
Attn: Howard Pfeiffer

Warner's of Canada
2355 St.Lawrence
Ottawa, Ontario K1G 4L2
Tel (613) 737-3500, Fax 731-9372

Waterworks Swim & Beachwear
688 Richmond St. W 3rd Floor
Toronto, Ont M6J 1C5
Tel (416) 594-9266, Fax 594-0765
Attn: Ms Zita Harper

Watson Brothers Ltd.
224 Wallace Avenue, 3rd Floor
Toronto, Ontario M6H 1V7
Tel (416) 531-9931, 1-800-563-8437, Fax 531-2103
Attn: Mr. Wm. H. McCormack

Wayne Clark Designs Inc.
49 Spadina Avenue, Suite #500A
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2J1
Tel (416) 599-9515, Fax 599-8656
Attn: Wayne Clark

W. MacKenzie Designer Goldsmith
12419 Stony Plain Road
Edmonton, Alberta T5N 3N3
Tel (403) 482-1347
Attn: Mr. Wayne MacKenzie

Wear Wolf Apparel Inc.
43 Muir Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2X 2X7
Tel (204) 694-6554, Fax 632-0577
Attn: Mr. Earl Shibou

Wellpute Industrial Inc.
555 Richmond St. W #409
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3B1
Tel (416) 367-8377, Fax 367-9830
Attn: Morigana

1777 Begin Street
Ville St-Laurent, Quebec H4R 2B5
Tel 9514) 337-4455, Fax 337-4581

Wertex Hosiery Inc.
1191 Bathurst St.
Toronto, Ontario M5R 3H4
Tel (416) 537-2137, Fax 537-0437
Attn: Mr. E. Werner

Westcan Tailored Apparel
823 Clark Drive
Vancouver, British Columbia V5L 3J6
Tel (604) 251-7111, Fax 251-7266
Attn: Mr. Ron Hughes

Westcoast Contempo Fashions
1300 Richards St., 3rd Floor
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 3G6
Tel (604) 688-7430, Fax 688-4594
Attn: Mr. Erik Karls

Westcoast Softwear
4775 Pilot House Road
West Vancouver, British Columbia V7W 1J4
Tel (604) 922-2625, Fax 683-0323
Attn: Ms Eileen Wheeler

West Coast Woollen Mills (1986)
440 Clark Drive
Vancouver, British Columbia V5L 3H4
Tel (604) 255-2656, Fax 255-7015
Attn: Mr. G. Kirkbright

Western Fibres Limited (Outerwears)
8399 Ontario Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V5X 3E8
Tel (604) 321-1285, Fax 321-4891
Attn: Jay Byfield

Western Glove Works
555 Logan Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3A 0W4
Tel (204) 788-4249, Fax 772-6929
Attn: Mr. Robert Silver

Wexler Textiles (Converters)
2065 Parthenais, Suite 200
Montreal, Quebec H2K 3T1
Tel (514) 521-0010, Fax 521-6212
Attn: Mr. Wexler

White Cross
9600 Meilleur, Suite #440
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2E3
Tel (514) 858-9060, Fax 858-9059

White Sister Uniform Inc.
70 Mount-Royal West
Montreal, Quebec H2T 2S4
Tel (514) 288-6171, Fax 288-3550
Attn: Mr. Norman Lupovitch

White Stag (Warnaco's Div)
10939, 120th Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5H 3R3
Tel (403) 452-0880, Fax 452-6763
Attn: Mr. Al Boyd

WHK Woven Labels (Textile/Label Converters)
75 Milliken Blvd., Unit 9
Scarborough, Ontario M1V 3L3
Tel (416) 291-2799, 1-800-268-2288, Fax 291-4572
Attn: Mr. Dennis Law

Wilma B. Fashions
333 Adelaide St. W, 6th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5V 1R6
Tel (416) 592-9402, Fax 340-9353,
Attn: Ms Wilma Bardocz

William Scully Ltd.
2090 Moreau Street
Montreal, Quebec H1W 2M3
Tel (514) 527-9333, Fax 521-5942
Attn: Mr. V.G. Cully

Windfall Clothing Service
1240 Bay St., Suite #400A
Toronto, Ontario M5R 2A7
Tel (416) 961-8567, Fax 482-3173

Wing Wing Garments Ltd.
116 West 6th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia V5Y 1K6
Tel (604) 879-8801, Fax 879-0890
Attn: Ms Yvette Li

Wings Neckwear Ltd.
28 Martin Ross Avenue
Donwsview, Ontario M3J 2L1
Tel (416) 661-1066, Fax 661-1908
Attn: Mr. H. Balsky

37 Kodiak Crescent, Unit 7
Downsview, Ontario M3J 3E5
Tel (416) 636-5196, Fax 636-6570
Attn: Mr. James Riches

Wolsey Canada
8465 Darnley
Ville St-Laurent, Quebec H4T 1X2
Tel (514) 737-3388, Fax 737-5648
Attn: Mr. Claude Bastien

Wolverine Apparel
5145 North Service Road
Burlington, Ontario L7R 4K3
Tel (905) 336-8055, Fax 336-6124
Attn: General Manager

Wonder Form
4890 Hotel de Ville
Montreal, Quebec H2T 2B7
Tel (514) 849-4509, Fax 849-2138
Attn: Gerry Petriello

Woods Canada Ltd.
401 Logan Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4M 2P2
Tel (416) 465-2403, Fax 465-2310

Woolcan Inc.
1880 32nd Avenue
Lachine, Quebec H8T 3J7
Tel (514) 631-2272, Fax 631-2038

Work Wear
8770 Pie IX
Montreal, Quebec H1Z 3V1
Tel (514) 723-0015, Fax 723-0020
Attn: General Manager

WorldPro (Jomar Advance Tech)
90 Beaubien West 6th Flr
Montreal, Que H2S 1V6
Tel (514) 271-2103, Fax 270-3843
Attn: Mr. Robert Ament

Wrangler Canada
478 Queen St. E, Suite 202
Toronto, Ontario M5A 1T7
Tel (416) 362-6466, Fax 362-0868
Attn: Mr. Gary Hummell


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