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Garment Buyers' Guide Directory - "G" Listing


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Legends & Codes:
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** ? Converters ? Textile Wholesalers
*** ? Reported closed, please check

G A Pret A Porter
555 Chabanel W, Suite #1207
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2H8
Tel (514) 382-8580, Fax 382-9981
Attn: Mr. Asher Omer

GFT Mode Canada
148 Yorkville Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M5R 1C2
Tel (416) 926-1402, Fax 926-7514
Attn: Mr. Al Israel

G. J. Clothing Inc.
9200 Park Avenue, Suite 610
Montreal, Quebec H2N 1Z4
Tel (514) 383-1623, Fax 383-1627
Attn: Mr. Gerald Fleisher

G.H. Group (The)
2111 McCowan Rd.
Scarborough, Ontario M1S 3Y6
Tel (416) 292-6612, Fax 292-0534
Attn: Mr. Gary Hurvitz

G. Kemble Enterprises
110 Bloor Street, West, Suite 1207
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2W7
Tel (416) 920-1035, Fax 783-3808
Attn: Mr. E. Filz

G.L. Fashions
2370 Midland Ave.,Unit A12 & 13
Scarborough, Ontario M1S 5C6
Tel (416) 298-6000, Fax 298-7081
Attn: Mr. Sam Wong

G.L. Uniforme
6021 Notre Dame East
Montreal, Quebec H1N 2C9
Tel (514) 254-9314, Fax 254-9314

G.T. Corp
5589 Royalmount
Town of Mt Royal, Quebec H4P 1J3
Tel 9514) 737-7471, Fax 344-4170
Attn: Mr. Gary Ulrich

G.T.R. Leatherwear (Cordovan Int')
5606 Gaspe St., Suite #401
Montreal, Quebec H2T 2A4
Tel (514) 274-7000, Fax 274-9199
Attn: Mr. J.G. Caminsky

Gail Kirk Designs
1171 Cole Harbour Rd
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B2V 1E8
Tel (902) 435-5005, Fax 435-1768
Attn: Ms Gail Kirk

Galaxy Garment Int'l
136 Market Ave.E, 6th Flr
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 0P4
Tel (204) 942-2583, Fax 956-4499
Attn: Mr. Edward J. Cowan

Garbo Creations
545 King St. West, Suite #300
Toronto, Ontario M5V 1M1
Tel (416) 595-9500, Fax 595-5627
Attn: Mr. Gary Grundman

Gabriella Designs
1779 Avenue Road
Toronto, Ontario M5M 3Y8
Tel (416) 787-3226
Attn: Ms Gabriella

Garfield Fashions Ltd.
468 Wellington St.W
Toronto, Ontario M5V 1E5
Tel (416) 593-2544, Fax 593-4992
Attn: Mr. Eddie George

Gaults (J.J. Newberry Cdn)
3960 Jacombs Road
Richmond, British Columbia V6V 1X4
Tel (604) 273-0441, Fax 273-4933

Gay-Lure Lingerie Co. Ltd.
9 Ingram Drive
Toronto, Ontario M6M 2L7
Tel (416) 244-4747, Fax 244-4264
Attn: Ms Violet Golubov

Gaytown Sportswear
438 Adelaide St.West
Toronto, Ontario M5V 1S7
Tel (416) 363-0077, Fax 363-0070
Attn: Mr. Manny Kimel

Geiger of Austria
P.O. Box 728, Pond Lane
Middlebury, Vermont 05753
Tel (802) 388-3156, 1-800-451-3537, Fax 388-9745

Gelino (Manufacturers/Contractors)
268 Court
Sherbrooke, Quebec J1H 1G6
Tel (819) 823-7897, Fax 829-9909
Attn: General Manager

Gemini Fashions of Canada Ltd.
61 Juno Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3A 1T1
Tel (204) 786-2421, Fax 889-1379
Attn: Mr. Gary T. Steinman

General Outerwear (Tee Kay)
1300 Church
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2X 1G4
Tel (204) 982-5025, 632-9934
Attn: Mr. C.K. Joel

Gent (Canada) S.R.
2620 Slough St.
Mississauga, Ontario L4T 3T2
Tel (416) 673-1262, Fax 673-6027
Attn: Mr. R.H. Wood

Gentry (1978) Inc. (Ties)
8920 Pie 1X Blvd., Suite 300
Montreal, Quebec H1Z 3V1
Tel (514) 328-9220, Fax 328-9461
Attn: Mr. Rocco Polifroni

Gentry Knitting Mills
150 Dynamic Drive
Scarborough, Ontario M1V 5A5
Tel (416) 299-5252, Fax 299-4007
Attn: Mr. Emilio Kraizel

George Hancock Textiles (Converters, Labels)
P.O. Box 398
Cambridge, Ontario N1R 5V5
Tel (519) 621-7681, Fax 621-2932
Attn: Mr. George Hancock

George Kiss Ent.
1625 Chabanel W, Suite #410
Montreal, Quebec H4N 2S7
Tel (514) 381-4201, Fax 381-0546
Attn: Mr. George Kiss

Georges Dan
1470 Peel St. Suite #422
Montreal, Quebec H3A 1T1
Tel (514) 287-9837, Fax 287-9837
Attn: Mr. Georges Sabbah

Gerald Finkelstein Industries Inc.
55 Mount Royal W, Suite #301
Montreal, Quebec H2T 2S6
Tel (514) 844-1097, Fax 844-6024
Attn: Mr. Gerald Finkelstein

Gertex Hosiery Inc.
195 Bentworth Ave.
Toronto, Ontario M6A 1P9
Tel (416) 256-1234, Fax 256-3534
Attn: Mr. Aaron Mandelbaum

*Getracam Inc.
555 Chabanel W, Suite #600
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2H8
Tel (514) 382-4860, Fax 387-8086
Attn: Mr. Albert Saragossi

Gedeon Oberson
9500 Meilleur, Suite #401
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2B7
Tel (514) 385-1501, Fax 385-1499
Attn: Mr. Leon Bouer

Giancarlo Rocci Fashions
1270 Finch Avenue, West, Unit 15
North York, Ontario M3J 3T7
Tel (416) 736-7508, Fax 736-7732
Attn: Mr. Giancarlo Rocci

Gilda Marx of Canada (Body Wear/Lingerie)
5400 McAdam Road
Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1T2
Tel (05) 712-1793, 1-800-387-3312, Fax 712-1798
Attn: Ms Barbara McAdam

Gil-Rez Imports
555 Chabanel W, Suite #1530
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2J2
Tel (514) 858-0820, Fax 858-1519
Attn: Mr. Joseph Perez

Gilda Marx of Canada
1065 Stacey Court
Mississauga, Ontario L4W 2X7
Tel (905) 629-8972, Fax 629-8974
Attn: Ms Joanne Strayer

Gildan Activewear
725 Montee de Liesse
Ville St-Laurent, Quebec H4T 1P5
Tel (514) 735-2023, 1-800-668-8337, Fax 735-3888
Attn: Mr. Glenn Chamandy

Gilmour Sports
1055 Begin St.
Ville St-Laurent, Quebec H4R 1V8
Tel (514) 331-3360, Fax 331-6300
Attn: Mr. Bob Gilmour

Giltex Hosiery
3195 Bedford
Montreal, Quebec H3S 1G3
Tel (514) 738-8081, Fax 738-2644
Attn: Mr. Jim Collins

64 Spadina Ave.
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2H8
Tel (416) 596-7070, Fax 596-7072
Attn: Mr. A. Matar

Gina Hosiery Mills
4900 Bourg
Ville St-Laurent, Quebec H4T 1J2
Tel (514) 738-1728, Fax 738-7122
Attn: Mr. Frank Santuccione

Giovanni D'Amico (Designer)
12359, 52nd Avenue
Riviere des Prairies, Quebec H1E 6F5
Tel (514) 494-8580
Attn: Mr. G. D'Amico

Global Merchandisers (Textile Converters/Sales Off)
125 Chabanel West, 7th Floor
Montreal, Quebec H2N 1E4
Tel (514) 384-5610, Fax 384-7603
Attn: Mr. Gerry Segal

Golco Imports 1990
1181 Finch Ave.West
Downsview, Ontario M3J 2V8
Tel (416) 661-5022, Fax 661-5519
Attn: Mr. Harry Goldstein

Gold Medal Sportswear Inc.
1046 Lesperance Road
Tecumseh, Ontario N8N 1W8
Tel (519) 735-2239, 1-800-563-1115, Fax 735-3550
Attn: Ms Linda Faubert

Golden Brand Clothing
5800 Saint Denis
Montreal, Quebec H2S 3L5
Tel (514) 274-3696, Fax 274-3112
Attn: Mr. Ronald Proserman

Golden Gong Ltd. (Knitting Mills)
48 Mandalay Drive
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2X 2Z2
Tel (204) 694-0460, Fax 694-0972
Attn: Mr. Edwin Chan

Golden Imports
910 Mainland St. Suite #205
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1A9
Tel (604) 669-3108, Fax 669-4700
Attn: Mr. Kenneth Golden

Golden Knitting Mills
5445 de Gaspe, Suite #801
Montreal, Quebec H2T 2B2
Tel (514) 270-3906, Fax 270-8691
Attn: Mr. Jack Levy

Golden Silk Screening
25 Dominion Crescent, Lakeside
Halifax, Nova Scotia B0J 1Z1
Tel (902) 443-8962, 1-800-565-1548, Fax 876-0395
Attn: Mr. James A. Baker

Golden Thistle Canada Ltd. (Active Wear)
20 Carthage Avenue
Scarborough, Ontario M1R 4Y2
Tel (416) 439-6812, Fax 439-1536
Attn: Phoebus Wong

Golden Valley Wear (Outerwear)
274 Pembroke Street West
Pembroke, Ontario K8A 5N2
Tel (613) 735-7718, Fax 735-7718
Attn: Ms Pauline Royle

Goldmark Hosiery (Canada)
9600 St.Lawrence Blvd., Suite #330
Montreal, Que H2N 1R2
Tel (514) 858-6416, Fax 858-6418
Attn: Mr. I. Granich

Gonya Designs (M)
1020 Queen St.West
Toronto, Ontario M6J 1H6
Tel (416) 537-6055
Attn: Mr. Gonya

Goodmark Apparel Inc.
150 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia V5Y 1G6
Tel (604) 876-5552, Fax 876-5533
Attn: Mr. Allan Logue

Gordon Ltd (A)
5505 St.Lawrence Blvd., Suite #4208
Montreal, Quebec H2T 1S6
Tel (514) 274-3571, Fax 274-5798
Attn: Mr. Josh Levine

Gordon Battah
4200 St.Lawrence Blvd., Suite #4208
Montreal, Quebec H2W 2R2
Tel 9514) 844-9595, Fax 844-9597
Attn: Mr. Gordon Battah

Gordon Campbell
78 2nd Ave. East
Vancouver, British Columbia V6T 1B8
Tel (604) 879-2447, Fax 251-7266
Attn: Mr. Ron Hughes

Gordon Dress
197 Spadina Ave. 2nd Flr
Toronto, Ontario M5T 2C8
Tel (416) 593-0688, Fax 593-7214
Attn: Mr. J. Ruffle

Grace Knitting (1982)
5455 de Gaspe, Suite #300
Montreal, Quebec H2T 3B3
Tel (514) 277-6657, Fax 277-0499
Attn: Mr. Joseph Schwartz

Grad Tech Ind.
1114 Chemin du Golf, Nun's Island
Verdun,Quebec H3E 1H4
Tel (514) 765-3375, Fax 767-3063
The General Manager

Gradinger (W)
3985 Notre Dame W,
Montreal, Quebec H4C 1R2
Tel (514) 932-3353, 932-0799
Attn: General Manager

Granby Fashions
1270 Finch Ave. W, Unit 14
North York, Ontario M3J 3T7
Tel (416) 650-0012, Fax 650-0013
Attn: General Manager

Grand National Apparel Inc. (Men's Pants)
100 Marmora Street
Weston Ontario M9M 2X5
Tel (416) 746-3511, Fax 740-2832
Attn: Mr. Jeff Otis

Grand Prix Textiles
9475 Meilleur, Suite 110
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2C5
Tel (514) 381-8091, Fax 381-1326
Attn: General Manager

Graner Inc.
34 Doncaster Ave., Suite #5
Thornhill, Ontario L3T 4S1
Tel (416) 886-5713, Fax 886-9162

Great Bras d'Or Rainwear
P.O. Box 188
North Sydney, Nova Scotia B2A 3M3
Tel (902) 794-7261
Attn: Ms Lolek Marawiezcki

Great Northern Knitters,
W Royalty Ind'l Park,
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1E 1B0
Tel (902) 566-2233, Fax 566-1724
Attn: Mr. Michael Jardine

Grenfell Handicrafts
P.O. Box 280
St. Anthony,Newfoundland A0K 4S0
Tel (709) 454-3576, Fax 454-2123
Attn: Mr. Grenfell

Greb Int'l (Santana)
3770 Industrial Blvd.
Sherbrooke, Quebec J1L 1N6
Tel (819) 563-7411, Fax 821-2999
Attn: Mr. Kent Sheen

Grenier, C.J.
4835 Coloniale Ave.
Montreal, Quebec H2T 1W4
Tel (514) 844-3333, Fax 844-9785
Attn: Mr. C.J. Grenier

Groupe 5 Leathers (Leather Garments)
103-85 Adelaide Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3A 0V9
Tel (204) 942-3494, Fax 943-5813
Attn: Mr. David Rich

Groupe Hexavogue
4200 St.Lawrence Blvd., Suite #800
Montreal, Que H2W 2R2
Tel (514) 286-4392, Fax 286-5123
Attn: Mr. Ernest Battah

Groupe R.G.R. (Garment CMT Contractors)
4100, 10th Avenue West
St-Georges, Beauce, Quebec G5Y 7S3
Tel (418) 228-9458, Fax 228-4038
Attn: Mr. Roland Veilleux

Groupe Selfast Inc.
8815 Park Avenue, Suite 101
Montreal, Quebec H2N 1Y7
Tel (514) 382-2515, Fax 382-6656
Attn: Majella Demers

Groupe Steilmann
3335 Pittfield
St-Laurent, Quebec H4S 1H3
Tel (514) 333-9119, Fax 333-9113
Attn: Mr. Daniel Gaudreau

Guess Jeans (Strandown Inc.)
8275  19th Avenue
Montreal, Quebec H1Z 4K2
Tel (514) 278-6666, Fax 278-3096
Attn: Laurent Marchal - President

Gunter Albrecht Menswear Design (Designer)
141 Crestwood
Rosemere, Quebec J7A 2J4
Tel (514) 430-3833, Fax: None
Attn: Ms Inge Albrecht

Gurdev Designs
3349 Yonge St.
Toronto, Ontario M4N 2L9
Tel (416) 489-9841, Fax 787-1219
Attn: Mr. Gurdev Arora

Glacier Wind Inc. (T-Shirts & Souvenirs)
501 Industrial Road, Suite B
Cranbrook, British Columbia V1C 5C9
Tel (604) 426-6538, Fax 426-7780
Attn: Ms Jeana McDonald

Glenayr Kitten
100 Thorncliffe Park Drive
Toronto, Ontario M4H 1L9
Tel (416) 421-3280, Fax 421-3283
Attn: Mr. David O. Markle

433 Chabanel W, Suite #407 North Tower
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2J5
Tel (514) 385-1315, Fax 385-5183
Attn: Mr. Syd Stotland


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