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Garment Buyers' Guide Directory - "D" Listing


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Legends & Codes:
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** ? Converters ? Textile Wholesalers
*** ? Reported closed, please check

D'Arcy Moses Fashion
401 Richmond St. W Suite 380
Toronto, Ontario M5V 1X3
Tel (416) 597-6964, Fax 971-6710

D.S. Fashion
2395 Cawthra Rd.,Unit#3
Mississauga, Ontario L5A 2W8
Tel (416) 896-0074
Attn: Mr. Demetrio Serghides

Daco Mfg. Ltd.
71 Adesso Drive
Concord, Ontario L4K 3C7
Tel (416) 213-7217, Fax 669-0541
Attn: General Manager

4200 Poirier
St-Laurent, Quebec H4R 2C5
Tel (514) 337-7780, Fax 337-9147
Attn: General Manager

Dalla Nora
1201 Louvain W
Montreal, Quebec H4N 1G6
Tel (514) 381-4540, Fax 384-8033
Attn: Ms Carla Spino

245 Carlaw Avenue, Main Floor
Toronto, Ontario M4M 2R8
Tel (416) 465-2271, Fac 461-1373

Dana Cleland Ltd.
25 East 6th Ave. Suite 304
Vancouver, B.C. V5T 1J3
Tel (604) 872-2334
Attn: Dana Cleland

Danny Pollak Accessories
1500 Bathurst St. Suite 1103
Toronto, Ontario M5P 3L3
Tel (416) 657-1299
Attn: Danny Polack

Darling Body Fashions
287 Horner Ave., Suite 287
Toronto, Ontario M8Z 4Y4
Tel (416) 251-2284, Fax 251-3956
Attn: Mr. Graham Anderson

Dash Inc.
960 Beaumont
Montreal, Quebec H3N 1V5
Tel (514) 273-0471, Fax 277-3509
Attn: General Manager

Davey Fabrics (Conveters)
103 Fashion Centre, 10403, 172 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5S 1K9
Tel (403) 484-4422, Fax 484-4442
Attn: Mr. Al Davey

David Bradley Fashions
9320 St.Lawrence Bvld. Suite 502
Montreal, Quebec H2N 1N7
Tel (514) 383-1640, Fax 383-0137
Attn: Mr. David Orenstein

David Brown Sales Agency (Garments)
122 Bathurst Avenue
Pointe Claire, Quebec H9S 4Z8
Tel (514) 697-2352, Fax 697-4503, Attn: Mr. Raymond Benhaim

David Detz (Jeweller)
10039 - 166th St.
Edmonton, Alberta T5P 4Y1
Tel (780) 483-5513, Fax (780) 460-2785
Attn: Mr. David Detz

David E. Rea Dresses
127 Portland St.
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2N4
Tel (416) 368-3445
Attn: Mr. David E. Rea

David Grains Enterprises
609 Queen St. West
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2B7
Tel (416) 864-0122
Attn: Mr. David Grains

David Mode Paris Ltd.
433 Chabanel W, Suite 706
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2J6
Tel (514) 384-3062, Fax 384-3067
Attn: Mr. David Pariente

David Taub & Son
4200 St.Lawrence Blvd, Suite 1000
Montreal, Que H2W 2R2
Tel (514) 288-7271, Fax 288-7276
Attn: Mr. Martin Taub

Dawn'N Dusk Inc.
9400 St.Lawrence Blvd., Suite 500
Montreal, Quebec H2N 1P3
Tel (514) 383-0683, Fax 382-9318
Attn: Mr. Gerard Abitbol

Dawne Colleen Creations
3250 Beta Ave.
Burnaby, British Columbia V5G 4K4
Tel (604) 299-6972, Fax 299-6162, Attn: Ms Dawne Bringeland

Dean Hutchinson Design
460 Richmond St. West, 6th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5V 1Y1
Tel (416) 864-9382, Fax 864-1724
Attn: Mr. Dean Hutchinson

Deauville Apparel Inc.
5800 St. Denis, Suite 1001
Montreal, Quebec H2S 3L5
Tel (514) 270-8880, Fax 270-3081
Attn: Ms Peggy Mrazik

De Hede Fashions International
81 Garry St., Suite 75, Fort Garry Place,
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 4J9
Tel (204) 942-0938, Fax 957-1628
Attn: Mr. W.E. Head, Sr.

Debi Johnson Originals
129 Thomas Street
Oakville, Ontario L6J 3A9
Tel (905) 338-2727, fax 338-2739
Attn: Ms Debi Johnson

Debonair Creations
1191 bathurst St.
Toronto, Ontario M5R 3H4
Tel (416) 537-2137, Fax 537-0437
Attn: Mr. l. Miller, VP

Deborah Atley Lingerie
1353 Camford Crescent
Mississauga, Ontario L5J 3M9
Tel (905) 822-3914
Attn: General Manager

Deborah Murray Designs
#850 - 840 7th Ave. S.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2P 3G2
Tel (403) 263-4512, Fax 263-5489, Attn: Ms Deborah Murray

DeLaVoie International
15 Mont-Royal W Suite 112
Montreal, Que H2T 2R9
Tel (514) 289-1848, 1-800-663-4770, Fax 289-9932
Attn: Ms Francine Lavoie

Denim Express
9600 Meilleur, Suite 630
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2E3
Tel (514) 384-8550, Fax 384-3779
Attn: General Manager

Denomme Vincent P.A.P. Masculin Inc.
4001 Berri, Suite 200
Montreal, Quebec H2L 4H2
Tel (514) 844-5155, Fax 843-7798
Attn: Mr. Marcel Denomme

Desai Marketing (Textile Converters)
215 Milan Street
Toronto, Ontario M5A 4C3
Tel (416) 861-0417, Fax 861-0417
Attn: Mr. Shreekesh Desai

Descente Canada Inc.
1711 W.2nd Ave.
Vancouver, British Columbia V6J 1H7
Tel (604) 732-1455, Fax 732-9215
Attn: G. Christie

Designer Scarves By Mindy
345 Sorauren Ave.
Toronto, Ontario M6R 2G5
Tel (416) 534-9717, Fax 534-9717
Attn: Mr. Bruce Miller

Designs By Dori
Box 158,
Port Carling, Ontario P0B 1J0
Tel (905) 765-5165 , Attn: Ms Dore Gruneau

Designs by Heather Decloux
198 Greenlees Drive
Kingston, Ontario K7K 6P7
Tel (613) 546-9699, Fax 546-9699
Attn: Ms Heather Decloux

Details By Charlotte Ip, Inc. (Shirtings)
349 Queen Street West, Suite 202
Toronto, Ontario M2H 3L2
Tel (416) 598-2050, 1-800-265-3981, Fax 598-4029
Attn: Ms Charlotte Ip

Details International Sportswear
1400 Tees
Ville St-Laurent, Quebec H4R 2B6
Tel (514) 956-1966, fax 956-7727
Attn: Mr. Frank Share

Diamondwear Corp.
5333 Casgrain, Suite 205
Montreal, Quebec H2T 1X3
Tel (514) 278-1703, Fax 278-2165, Attn: Ms Ronda Diamond

Diffusion A-Line
611 Alexander, Suite 320
Vancouver, British Columbia V6A 1E1
Tel (604) 254-7250, Fax 254-0228
Attn: Mr. Alan Lande

*Diffusion B.E.L. 5 Ltd.
433 Chabanel W, Suite 1100
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2J8
Tel (514) 382-6305, Fax 382-3699
Attn: Mr. Charles Bouzaglou

Diffusion Bel-Gam
619 Le Breton
Longueuil, Quebec J4G 1R9
Tel (514) 646-0867, Fax 646-1687
Attn: Mr. Eric D'Anjou

Diffusion Francois Marcotte
P.O. Box 238
St. Bruno, Quebec J3V 4P9
Tel (514) 441-4152, Fax 441-4152
Attn: Mr. Francois Marcotte

Diffusion Madug
433 Chabanel W, Mezz 1, Suite 202
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2J3
Tel (514) 385-0839
Attn: General Manager

Diffusion Mi-Cha-Pi
23 Athlone, Mart A,C.P. 253
Place Bonaventure, Montreal, Quebec H5A 1B2
Tel (514) 871-2000, Fax 871-8759
Attn: Mr. Henry Rogot

Dim Rosy Textiles
1160 Chemin du Golf, Nun's Island
Verdun, Quebec H3E 1H4
Tel (514) 766-6770, Fax 769-4065, Attn: Mr. Marc Dupere

Dita Martin Designs
416 Maisonneuve W, Suite 806
Montreal, Quebec H3A 1L2
Tel (514) 843-3181, Fax 843-6434
Attn: Ms Dita Martin

Divine Knits
60 Caledonia Road
Toronto, Ontario M5E 4S4
Tel (416) 654-1994, Fax 654-1414
Attn: Mr. R. Gotleib

DHJ Canada (Textile Converters & Trimmings)
4210 Poirier Street
Ville St.Laurent, Quebec H4R 2C5
Tel (514) 745-3584, Fax 745-3337
Attn: Mr. Allan Stangle

DJ International
433 Chabanel W, Suite 903
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2J9
Tel (514) 381-8803, Fax 381-4177
Attn: Mr. Don Jelley

Do-Gree Fashions
545 Legendre West
Montreal, Quebec H2N 1H9
Tel (514) 381-8808, Fax 381-7814
Attn: Mr. Richard Tock

Dobber of Canada
1625 Chabanel W. Suite 700
Montreal, Quebec H4N 2S8
Tel (514) 381-8811, Fax 381-7939
Attn: General Manager

Dogree Fashions
105 Louvain Street West
Montreal, Quebec H2N 1A3
Tel (514) 381-8808, Fax 381-7814, Attn: Mr. Richard Tock

Doldan Fashion
296 Eddystone Ave.
Downsview, Ontario M3M 1H7
Tel (416) 748-9978, Fax 748-9979
Attn: General Manager

Dominion Clothing
5333 Casgrain, Suite 605
Montreal, Quebec H2T 1X3
Tel (514) 274-1557, 1-800-361-9385, Fax 274-9399
Attn: Mr. Gordon Cohen

Dominion Hosiery Mills
224 Wallace Ave.
Toronto, Ontario M6H 1V7
Tel (416) 534-4266, Fax 538-2669
Attn: General Manager

Dominion Specialty Yarns
4500 Thimens
Ville St.Laurent, Quebec H4R 2P2
Tel (514) 333-8990, Fax 333-8091
Attn: Mr. Basile Toutoungi

Donna Kearns
246 Dalhousie St.
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 7E2
Tel (613) 236-6369, Fax 789-9008
Attn: Ms Donna Kearns

Doris Hosiery Mills
7471 Leonardo da Vinci
Montreal, Quebec H2A 2P3
Tel (514) 376-3000, Fax 376-8255
Attn: Mr. Jack Hasen

Dorothea (Parkhurts) Knitting Mills
20 Research Road
Toronto, Ontario M4G 2G6
Tel (416) 421-3773, Fax 421-9084, Attn: Mr. B. Barsook

Double Duty Casuals
420 Tapscott Rd.,Unit 2
Scarborough, Ontario M1B 2L2
Tel (416) 292-7373, Fax 292-7737
Attn: Mr. Raymond Wong

Doubletex (Textile Converters)
9785 Jeanne Mance
Montreal, Quebec H3L 3B6
Tel (514) 382-1770, Fax 382-9587
Attn: Mr. Richard Zuckerman

Downunder Sportswear
555 Richmond St.W. Suite 905
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3B1
Tel (416) 594-0148, Fax 594-1844
Attn: Ken Done

Dress Up - Tricia Cockran Collections
13 Balmuto Street
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1W4
Tel (416) 964-9220, Fax 222-9988
Attn: Mr. Bill Williams

Drew Ski Wear
3 Belyea
Scarborough, Ontario M1J 1V6
Tel (416) 265-3028
Attn: Mr. andrew Ingram Jr.

Drolet Uniforms
2424 Carrieres
Montreal, Quebec H2G 1X7
Tel (514) 274-2495, Fax 274-4869
Attn: Mr. Robert Fillion

Drospo Inc.
143 rue Industrielle
Lac Drolet, Quebec G0Y 1C0
Tel (819) 549-2833, Fax 549-2731, Attn: Mr. Henri Royer

Du Date Maternite
5480 St. Dominique, Suite 101
Montreal, Quebec H2T 1V4
Tel (514) 274-8311, Fax 274-8313
Attn: Ferdie Vallone

Duck Feet Enterprises Inc.
119 Lansdale Ave.
North Vancouver, British Columbia V7M 2E7
Tel (604) 987-1384, Fax 987-6380

Dunblane & Turners Ltd. (T-Shirts/Sweatshirts)
736 Wellington Street
Port Elgin, Ontario N0H 2C0
Tel (519) 389-4666, Fax 389-4652
Attn: Mr. Rod MacDonald

DuPont Canada (Yarn & Textile Mills)
P.O. Box 660, Station A
Montreal, Quebec H3C 2V1
Tel (514) 397-2846, Fax 397-2880
Attn: Mr. D.W. Colcleugh

Dwight Saunders Bridal & Fashion Design
323 Somerset Street, W, P.O Box 750, Sta. B
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5P8
Tel (613) 230-0824, Fax 230-0824
Attn: Mr. Dwight Saunders

Di Capra Int'l (Leather Garment)
555 Chabanel West, Suite 306
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2H7
Tel (514) 384-9160, 1-800-361-2709, Fax 384-8880
Attn: Mr. Bernie Belanger

Diamond Tea Gown
4530 St.Lawrence Blvd.
Montreal, Quebec H2T 1R4
Tel (514) 842-3921, Fax 287-9858
Attn: Mr. John Souaid

Diamond Textile
2617 de Soissons
Montreal, Quebec H3S 1V7
Tel (514) 345-8426, Fax 342-8454
Attn: Mr. Walter Diamond


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