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Bringing back the glory that of Montreal

Everything is irrelevant when talks about making Montreal a solvent city again without considering lowering of taxes, especially on commercial, as well as private properties and most of all changing the language law, in permitting the free use of English in business. Otherwise, the city will run out of energy to support its existence. Everything that started good fifty years ago to becoming the most economically stable cities in the world had been taken down by the hatred sentiment of the so called nationalists who basically put a great number of residents in poverty mostly composed of the French Speaking Quebecois. And hey,  labor unions played most of the problem. Look around commercial areas and you'd see the gloomy picture of the city and that of the suburbs, plus the more than 30,000 homeless people in the city. Speak up people! cdb



Just say the Truth Mr. Charest and you'll win


For Jean Charest, simply tell the truth about the state of Quebec ’s economy will win him the votes. He's got the all resources to check the statistics that shows and should tell voters in Quebec on how he'll at least solve the problem, if not we are all heading to bankruptcy within the next five years or so. Want to know more about the economic damage the Separatist and Bill 101 did? And, what about the labor unions responsibility in screwing up the system, just look at how hospitals and major government institutions are ran differently from back 30 years ago? It's turning this province into total welfare state, so e-mail Josh F. Tanembaum at Just remember it’s not the immigrants or Anglophones or Allophones that's suffering its majority of the Quebec French of the province, which receive federal benefits… Montreal has about 100,000 homeless people living in the streets of the city. Hello, hello, hello 8.26.12


Monkey brain, have you heard of that yet?

So, check out the story about the Monkey and the Turtle. Don't kill the ones that could make you survive. Government should settle first the constitutionality of the Language Law (Bill 101), which was vetoed by the Separatists government when the Supreme Court decided against it. Look what happened since this Bill 22 and Bill 101 were passed, majority of French Canadians suffers economically, just check those homeless people in the thousands right in the heart of the city. Since its election time, candidates should think and say of what can do if elected on how to stop the total bankruptcy of the city. Where are those experts who haven’t said anything about the problem? They are all a waste of talents if they have any, instead they should write about a solution to save this great city from disaster. Our taxation got to be re-examined, that even grocery stores can hardly survive. If there’s any doubt, look around, visit all the shopping centers in the city, and you’d see how gloomy it had become since the Language law was passed. Got a question? 8.08.12


Its May Day today…And, tomorrow, get out and Vote!

May 1, 2011 : A very special day around the world, especially in Europe and Asia , it’s their Labor Day. Here in Quebec , particularly in Montreal , besieged of corruption since the very famous ’76 Olympics, where it took 50 years to pay for the building of the stadium that became a money pit since its construction. Whom should we accuse of corruption, well; who else but those politicians that took turns of running the city. Shame, shame, shame but who can throw those people out? That’s where political election comes in. But, would there be really a group that could get the city start to clean itself? Uhhhhhh that I have to see yet. So, let’s talk about election; if Stephen Harper doesn’t get a majority which really I doubt, within the next three months after the votes are cast, he will be thrown out. He had 5 years of staying at 24 Sussex Drive , that’s about a full term of a regular PM. And, Michael Ignatieff? No, he won’t make it to become PM; he doesn’t have the look that people would want to become a Pierre Trudeau or Jean Chrétien. This is not his place to become PM; probably he should turn back to where stayed most of his time down south in the United Sates of America. Oh, the Bloc, they could have never been elected to the parliament, but thanks to Brian Mulroney (“he’s not a crook) that brought in Lucien Bouchard, who had been a comedian throughout the years that he stayed in politics. Let’s go for the former Montrealer, Jack Layton, they say he’s got no experience to govern Canada (?), that’s BS, who amongst those former PMs that could be better than Jack?  None whatsoever. So, let’s try him, you never know, he might be the angel we are waiting for. Hospital or Health Care: There are so many things that changed throughout the years since I settled in Montreal , on my way to Amsterdam , getting away from madness of the Vietnam War back some forty years ago, seeing it a city much different from the rest of America , which I considered a paradise within. But at that time the city was booming, its one of the five designated trading cities in the world. There were plenty of jobs, lots of investments; people wherever you go have happy faces when you see them in the streets. But, when this thing about the Separatist came about, all things changed for the worst, lost billions of dollars to benefit Toronto . Rene Lévesque’s vision of Quebec , to turn it to a very lucrative place to invest got sideswiped by those ignoramuses who tried to force everyone into speaking French only. As Levesque was saying, ruling out of madness won’t make the score. And he was thrown out, and from there on, only three cities survived. I don’t have to tell the story here because everyone knows what all those idiots did. It’s simply to say that you CANNOT TAKE ENGLISH OUT of Quebec , it would prevail in the long run. The province lost most of the talents it’s got and now short of what you call brains. Speaking about brains, our hospitals don’t have that anymore. Good management is gone. Lots of patients are suffering from neglect and wrong diagnoses. Much more to continue, please stayed tuned. Happy May Day to everyone! 5.02.11


An Editorial from Freeport News, Grand Bahamas

" US scientists believe fireworks may have caused thousands of birds to fall from the sky over an Arkansas town on New Year's Eve" read a news item headline recently. "Dozens of dead birds have been found lying in a residential street in Sweden , days after thousands of birds fell to their deaths in the U.S. " read another report in international news service dispatch days later. With respect to the U.S. phenomenon where "officials say more than 3,000 birds fell over the city of Beebe," a spokesperson of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission was quoted as saying: "the red-winged blackbirds probably flew low to avoid explosions and collided with objects" and that initial laboratory reports said the birds had died from trauma, and that the few that survived their fall "stumbled around like drunken revellers." As regards the Swedish incident, veterinary officials told Swedish radio that "the case in Falkoeping was rare" although they said there could be a number of reasons such as "disease, or poisoning." In contrast to the USA incident, the Swedish authorities noted "there have been no reports of fireworks or storms in Falkoeping at the time.

Why do birds (and fish, rodents, insects, bees, corals, etc) suddenly FALL? That is, either out of the skies, in our streams and rivers, in our woodlands, on our farmlands, or, in our oceans and seas? Without fearing in any way of being perceived a conspiracy buff (bad enough), an activist geek (a little worse), or (at the worst) .....a concerned, environmentally aware (with ex-pertise and knowledge in key disciplines of same) citizen – I note the following. My suspicions, albeit bereft of any "hard" scientific data to support such in above examples, is that "environmental factors" very likely play a role in these phenomena.....and to a much greater extent than is readily admitted by scientific sectors broadly....and most certainly not by any sitting government, or sectors with interests in same. Are we to await: "People are falling dead as birds once fell from the skies!" heralding such a calamity amongst the nations, or, are we moved enough to truly put in place the necessary "hardware" and "software," figuratively, to address our worsening world environmental spheres (read: sewers) – air, land, and seas – locally, regionally, and internationally?

What exactly defines "environmental risks" to human health? And what purpose does an "environmental as-sessment" actually serve – as far as the general public knows/cares?

It is not unusual these days to hear someone ask, or say, in general, "Why don't they (usually meaning the Govern-ment) do an Environmental Assessment?" That is.....for one, or another, myriad of reasons and/or concerns, and, ostensibly, in response to some threat (perceived or actual) in relation to concern for risks to human health as a result of some environmental insult condition (either perceived or actual). These areas have been frequently ad-dressed in the light of genuine public concerns and anxieties as put on many occasions, in various discussions. On behalf of such concerns, I beg your indulgence here. Also, it is not suggested, by any stretch of the imagination, that the treatment here answers all the questions, either as put, or as existent in the public realm. However, it is expected that all positions – public concerns and interests, as well as Government's, and such entities as empowered with government–like Public Agenc-ies' responsibilities – are duly and equally represented.

The decision to regulate the maximum level of an environmental contaminant allowable in air, water, or food is predicated on the ability of the substance to alter life processes, and on the degree of exposure that creates a significant risk of adverse effects to a sensitive population. For more than four centuries, scientists have tried to understand the adverse health effects of human exposure to environmental contaminants. In general, any contaminant can cause damage if exposure to it creates high concentrations within a cell, and if accumulated cellular damage can result in disease, or death. Environmental regulations are developed to reduce exposure to a level that precludes such health effects. Environmental regulations, for example, have been de-veloped for many contaminants, some of which are known to cause cancer, and other ill–health effects, in laboratory animals. Levels of human exposure to such chemicals found in the environment, and the level of ill–health risks imposed their presence, have been estimated as part of the process of developing national and international regulations to minimize adverse human health.

The regulatory development process for estimating environmental ill–health effects for human couples (a), the estimate of such potency (carcinogenic, for example), derived from an extrapolation of a dose–response curve developed from high level exposure of experimental animals, with (b), estimates of the number of persons exposed to the contaminated environment. The estimates include the level of daily intake – oral, respiratory or dermal – resulting from the presence of these chemicals in and around the suspect contaminated environment. Estimates of (1), the number of negative health effects resulting from currently unregulated conditions, and (2), of those health effects that will be prevented, or allowed, by setting standards, can then be included in the regulatory process. Current knowledge of the ill–health effects of contaminants in any environment has its limits. Much is known about some chemical, or biological, species; little, or nothing, is known about others. But there is uncertainty in both areas.

Population Risk Assessment is an assessment of the total expected "excess" number of negative health effects in a country during a lifetime from a given chemical, or biological, contaminant. This is an estimate, and not a statement of perfect knowledge. Therefore, a level of uncertainty, or a range of values, will be included to describe the estimate. If the "frequency distribution" of the contributing factors controlling exposure, and toxicity relative to these agents were known, the propagation of error could be determined by the use of standard methods. Frequency distributions in the general environment are normally not known for any number, or combinations, of these chemical, or biological, agents, however; a range of values often must be used to approximate the real–life, likely, situation.

One important piece of information needed, and key to the estimation of environmental ill–health effects on humans is, the estimate of the expected number of ill–health effects, and how many of these can be prevented, by pertinent environmental regulation. In the case for most developing countries, The Bahamas included, all essential data re above, including legislation and regulations pertinent to other countries, or jurisdictions, are often translated "in–toto" in support of local, and national, regulatory regimes. Sometimes there are considerable problems arising from trying to "fit" these data to local, or national, indigenous conditions that may (actually, more often than not – based on personal experiences) result in considerable errors – either way or the estimating divide. Environmental (Health Risk) Assessments, in the end, then, usually involve using skimpy local or national data covering the levels of contamination in the environment, and using health effects data from animal experiments conducted at exposure levels much higher than those usually found in the general human environment.

Where do we go from here? None of the above mentioned processes include "impact of personal life-styles," etc., of the subject population, and individuals. These effects relative to the onset of ill health must be considered, and evaluated, in more comprehensive epidemiological studies – separate, and apart, from the specific scientific considerations noted here. These, therefore, are the data upon which regulatory judgments/decisions are based (made). They also describe the scientific assumptions, the results, and their uncertainty. The development of regulations covering contaminants in the environment that may contribute to risks to human (and animal) health, thus, requires the assemblage of data from a host of scientific and medical disciplines. And not based on any one "Assessment," as such. This understanding is crucial, not only to professionals in the related fields – but more critically for public edification. Therefore, on the one hand, to ask for, and expect an "Environmental Assessment" to solve Environmental, ill–Health and Public Safety problems, per se, is asking and expecting much from a process not so designed to do such on its own. Of course, the continued absence of "objective" (private sector), and accompanying responsible Public Agencies' En-vironmental, Health and Social Impact Assessments/Studies (EHSIA/S), leaves the public little choice – but to ask for such studies. Particularly as related to any Industrial and related development project, for example, that would have put such concerns and questions to the public in the first place. This mis/non–communication, then, leaves the entire question of public ill–health effects and general public safety very much open to such public fears and concerns.

This is further complicated by related rhetoric motivated by political expediencies, on the one hand, and the need of elected officials to appear to be "on top of things" when their feet are held to the fire, so to speak, on the other. This is further complicated and compounded by selective media "spin" and assaults from special interests groups, on all sides of the divide. There are processes that were designed to address such public issues up front. The fact is, though, the public has not been party to results of such reviews routinely, and, therefore, has no experience in such review processes. Consequently, the "man (woman) on the street" does not perceive, or know, how these processes are employed to resolved. Environmental, Health and/or Social Impact issues – and if, indeed, they even are expected to deliver on same. Thus, the public is understandably apprehensive – and none too trusting of those responsible, I must also concede.

Who is to answer the question, Bahamas : Why DO birds fall from the sky in OUR wake? All above situations breed the current adversarial–conducive conditions between those that govern and those that are governed, and, those who are proposed investors and developers and those that "stand at the gates" for Bahamian public interests protection. In my opinion, such adversarial positioning should be quite unnecessary. Perhaps we need an Environmental Assessment "Czar" (to borrow a USA term), perhaps an independent, private sector/quasi governmen-tal–based professional, and one who is at ease, and highly respected, in either of the "camps," to bridge this "adversarial gap." This would put a human face(s) in an area that is increasingly becoming unnecessarily contentious as a result of what I term "benign neglect." That is, I do not believe our public, and private, institutions are deliberately endangering the health of our citizens by any designed criminal intent – although the results would be the same, whither thusly intentional, or not, if we do not alter our course. We have expended too much "capital" – monetary, human resources, public goodwill, credibility of politicians/government (I can continue, but you get the picture?) – to continue "spinning our wheels." What do you think... ..err,....of those birds? Presented, as always, in the best interest of The Bahamian people.  By Freeman Thurston  Why do birds suddenly FALL down from the sky the minute WE walk by?   Birds in trouble? You bet ... here's why 


From G20 to G20Y: Changing the Stage by Changing the Culture

  Toronto , Ontario , 2010- What is it that generation Y wants the leaders of the G20 to know? As far as entrepreneurship and its ability to sustain the economy, plenty. The International Youth Diplomacy League (IYDL) organized a summit in Toronto , ON in April this year to obtain feedback from international delegates. Among the countries represented were Russia , Germany , France , China , Italy , Israel , Mexico , and Turkey . Also present at the event was David Miller, Mayor of Toronto, along with a host of others who have influence within their respective communities regarding policy and the economy. The Canadian representatives responsible for ensuring a successful welcoming for the delegates include Alison Sereda, International Organizing Committee and Joseph Sereda, Head of Sereda & Sereda Barristers and Solicitors in Toronto , Ontario . As an international consultant and business owner hoping to blur country borders, the reason for my attendance was to determine the readiness for change among the youth and understand the perspectives of representatives. The final Communique was produced as a result of the 5-day event and included the following topics: 1) Strengthening financial stability and the international financial regulatory system, 2) Responding to the challenge of climate change, 3) Moving towards an inclusive governance of the international financial architecture, 4) Ethical entrepreneurship/Corporate Social Responsibility. The Communique, which comprises the thoughts of the Y generation, is being shared with the G20. Although countries had voiced desirable changes that are specific to certain regions, a unanimous vote supported “leaving the old and adopting the new”. According to Dr. Djordjija B. Petkoski, a speaker at the event and Head of the Business, Competitiveness and Development Program, World Bank Institute, Washington D.C. , “It seems that the youth are encouraging new, better, and more transparent ways of operating. The old model no longer suits the needs of a global economy.” According to the delegates, the old model has left much to be desired. For example, in Mexico , the voices of the poor are rarely heard and the local regulatory framework has been slow to change. In Russia , small businesses are supported but the taxation system can be improved with increased transparency. But there are fresh ideas and changes on the horizon that delegates offered and look forward to implementing. According to Israeli representatives Orit S. Alon, Business Consultant and Israeli entrepreneur Orit Ben Or, “Perhaps we can create a system across all countries that will assist entrepreneurs. A system in which we can share best practices.” All countries were on board regarding the necessity of additional education. There was strong agreement for the desire to develop people and afford them the skills they need to survive. The Turkish representatives were heavily weighted on the educational scale maintaining that they would like to target the youth and get them the education they need regarding what entrepreneurship is and how to foster an entrepreneurial spirit. Although “moving from the old to the new” and thereby changing the stage has been touted as necessary in the past, generation Y is better equipped to make it happen. Removing impediments and providing stakeholder support is increasingly easy in this technological age. It all comes down to cultural change and how malleable a culture is. And malleability has been heavily influenced by technology. According to Schein (1990), culture is specifically defined as “a pattern of basic assumptions, invented, discovered or developed by a given group as it learns to cope with its problems of external adaptation and internal integration that has worked well enough to be considered valid and, therefore, is to be taught to new members as the correct way to perceive, think, and feel in relation to those problems.” When viewed in this way, technological advances have made it more possible than ever to change culture and thus “move from the old to the new”. What can we expect in the future? That depends on how a country is currently operating. According to Prochaska and DiClemente (1982), there are four stages to change. The first is called pre-contemplation and represents being unaware that problems exist. Resistance to any efforts for change is likely in this stage. The second stage includes contemplation and represents the transition from a lack of awareness to an awareness and thoughtful thinking about what can be done. The third stage is the action stage when things start to be done about the problem. The fourth and final stage is the maintenance stage which is about keeping the change going. Let’s hope the G20 in Toronto 2010 moves us from contemplation to action! BY: Lynda Zugec  About the author:Lynda Zugec is the Founder/Chairman of The Workforce Consultants, an international network of specialized consultants within the area of Human Resources.  Kathy Wrzos, Administrator/Co-ordinator, The Workforce Consultants,, 646-797-2946  Also  Contact: Lynda Zugec, The Workforce Consultants, Tel: 646-797-2946 


Re: Millennium Summit to eradicate Poverty

I was thrilled when I received a complimentary ticket worth $100.00, to attend the Millennium Summit on Poverty, within the context of Earth Day, on April 22nd (2010). The International Conference featured celebrities such as Al Gore, former U.S. vice president, leading ecological guru and producer of the famous documentary: “An Inconvenient Truth,” as well as the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson. However, my excitement soon turned sour when one speaker after another of these celebrities talked about the ravages of poverty, without ever mentioning its causes! Sarah Ferguson even sang the praises of Coca Cola Company because it created a drink whose proceeds will go into the reconstruction of Haiti . But she neglected to mention the fact that this multinational kills anyone in Latin America , who tries to unionize the workers, who work for a pittance and are practically treated as slaves. She also failed to mention the destruction & depletion of the land and the contamination of the water, wherever Coca Cola sets up shop; not to mention the production and sale of a nutritionally useless and unhealthy drink. Moreover, the commercial sponsors of this event such as Alcan Tinto, Investors’ Group, etc. are some of the very same corporations responsible for the huge disparities between rich and poor. These companies buck any regulation by governments to distribute the wealth fairly, they hide their money in tax havens, they ask for subsidies, while making record profits, they create precarious jobs with a minimum  remuneration for workers, without any health benefits, pension plans or a safety net. There was no mention of the cupidity of the financial sector, nor the greed of the speculators who gamble with other people’s money, in the Casino called “The Stock Market,” thereby causing one economic crisis after another. There was not one word about the privatization of public services, nor the huge gulf between the remuneration of CEOs, who earn over 400 times the salary of the average worker. Poverty does not fall from the skies! There is such a thing as cause and effect. The speakers decried the consequences of globalization, without ever mentioning the causes or culprits responsible for the impoverishment of half of the world’s population, three billion people, who live on one or two dollars a day, without potable water or adequate food and lodging. The speakers failed to make the connection between corporate pollution, the devastation of the environment and poverty. Although the conference was billed as a forum for an exchange between community groups, who work endlessly to eradicate poverty and the decision-makers, there was not one single microphone to be found for public participation. Community workers were simply reduced to spectators. It was a forum for marketing corporations, rather than a fruitful discussion among different actors. Daniel Germain, the organizer, may be well-intentioned, but he does not understand that charity is not good enough. Philanthropy must be accompanied by social justice.  Nadia Alexan, founder of Citizens in Action Montreal


Quebec Nation?

Remember that huge statue of a lady in front of New York City ? If you ask ten people out there (in New York) or even here of what it say, most would tell you it symbolizes freedom, after revolution against England and that pretty much the same knowledge that I knew of since the time I learn to how to read. But as you go differ in your studies from high school to university you’d realized that lady is telling something else but liberty. Okay, just go back where it all started from. That battle, which ended the Seven Years War ( England & France) in 1759, at the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City , won by England that was not easily forgotten by mother France. The surrender came along with a promised from General James Wolfe that the French could keep their language and culture. That contract was kept to this day… So, let’s go forward to the American Revolution, France was very instrumental in getting them win the in insurrection by supplying the guns and ammunition they needed, in fact French General Lafayette fought the battle with them and along with that Napoleon signed the Louisiana Purchase . Let’s go back to that Lady Liberty, now probably you would understand why that statue was given to the Americans… That’s a reminder that America without France wont’ have the liberty it has now. It’s something that the French wants the Americans to remember forever. Now, back to that war the French lost in Quebec City , if they won that war, the Quebec could have been handed to the Americans along with the Louisiana Purchase and thereby losing all their identities together with their language and culture. But that didn’t happen because of Gen. Wolfe and that’s a long, long time already… We have Canada , for God sake (!) composed of some dozen of provinces and territories, very rich and second largest country in the world with a very little population to maintain. So, the question is why can’t we just all get together and improve the understanding of tolerance and lose those stupidity and naive ness. It’s about time that we accept and live on what have now and at least agree to disagree. Look! There are so many French from Quebec that are very productive in the US and around the world. So, what more does some immature people want? Turn this place into like Afghanistan Read who Lafayette was 2.23.09


Let's go to Sri Lanka as peacekeepers and leave Afghanistan to the East Indians to settle.

Why is this Island Country so troubled? Canada should leave Afghanistan, let those people there settle their differences… which  none of us no matter how geniuses we can be let those morons sit down to check their faults which have been running in their system for thousands of years… with our Canadian armed forces interfering with a scheme that we don’t understand and will never figure out that even Genghis Khan and Alexander the Greek left in desperation, how much do we think can we possibly accomplish but only to fatten the pockets of those who are now in control?  How much time do we need to know that we are being “coned” by the Afghanistan political leaders who must have already opened accounts with the Swiss Banks that could amount to billions of dollars gotten from the U.S. , Canada , and the EU countries? Let’s back track to what we really do… peacekeeping (!), and we should continue doing that… and later as we are able to wake up that we are not really a warring or imperialist country like that of our neighbor down south, we should extend our peacekeeping troops to Sri Lanka, where the missing link is getting the two sides respect each other’s independence. It’s a very short life for everyone there to consider shaking hands is the best thing to do. Maybe we should suggest that they instead form a federal state government, just like what we have here… before they blow themselves all to kingdom come. Will someone from our government stand up and work this out or help the Sri Lankans go forward to a peaceful road instead of running after those here (in Canada) supporting the rebels which we declared already a terror group? We should not throw our opinion on something we don’t understand. We are peacekeepers; that’s all! In fact we got a Nobel Prize to remind us where we stand. 6.06.08 


Here's where we are now.. BANKRUPT....!!!!

Thanks to Bill 101 +more taxes and they (city officials - Mayor Gerald Tremblay and his genius followers) are building another commercial town? Don't you think we need some good brains on economics brought in from our neighbor down south? Can someone tell our political leaders that the Province or the City is already bankrupt long time go? 

A homeless man was disturbed from sleeping who immediately stood up and tried to walk away when this photo was taken by Mr. Conrad of the Montreal Tribune. A LOUER  (for rent) signs flags all the main commercials streets of the city, check it out...I thought our government are ran by con artists and scammers, and wait until next year, it's election time again...and a lot of the bullshitters. will be running to join the team.

Oh Rene...If you only know what they did!

The Separatists should have known.... if they only followed Rene Levesque’s strategy of winning a ‘Quebec Nation’ they could have accomplished that dream…. Instead they bankrupted the system… shuns the non-speaking French… threw everyone out who don’t conform with their idea of retaliation with those whom they thought made them suffer during the past centuries. And, now, from end to end or shall we say from east to west, north to south after 31 years and Bill 101, Quebec, is now considered one of the poorest provinces in Canada,  along with a debt of 120 BILLION DOLLARS. So, what more can I say?… it’s the beginning of the end… their own people got fed up of what they did and what they really intend to do…the never ending referendums. From Rene Levesque the simple guy to the followers that became the cream of Quebec society…. Well, it just like Quebec the good old days… corrupt…..and dictatorial. 

Here we go again!

Republic of Quebec & Republic of Montreal?

Stress is what people in Quebec have been suffering since the Separatist movement was put into motion; should those who are resisting from the very beginning have to give up now and support this more than hundred years struggle? Yes.... that's only if the Western part of Quebec starting from the main street (St. Lawrence Boulevard) of Montreal to Hull is separated, which probably we would call Province of Montreal or If it decides to go independent it would become The Republic of Montreal. But the only problem is...what do we have here to start with? How do we support all those who are on welfare or federal government supplement program? Most of foreign investments and big corporate head offices are gone, so how are we going to make it? It's already a disaster since the late '70s, and what do you think will happen if this phenomenon went all the way? If we have to use the words of  (the great) Rene Levesque, the first Parti Quebecois premier had said at the Mitch Lake Accord "incalculable consequences." (No pun intended).



Greater than life in death

Ariel Sharon’s decision of killing Yasser Arafat if implemented will come to reality the dream he (Arafat) had when he failed to crush Israel into oblivion, the very conflict that had become inspiration of Muslims’ hatred of the Jews not only in the State of Israel but all over the world. Making a martyr out of Arafat could be construed a comparison to the holocaust and it is not right to those who were persecuted and gassed by Adolph Hitler. So, I would say to Ariel Sharon, forget Arafat, he’s old, let him fade away just don’t let him enjoy the 75 virgins awaiting him somewhere. Killing him will only haunt the next generation of Israelis and the followers of Judaism. Just don’t give in to his (Arafat’s) wish becoming greater than life in death.

Marry if they want. So,  what’s the problem?

Big time! The framers of the U.S. constitution and those that apply to Canada never thought of this phenomenon at any given time when they were thinking of human rights. It's just, marriage means "Man and Woman, period.” The prime minister of Canada, Mr. Jean Chretien, famous for being protector of human rights say, let them marry each other if he was to decide himself. But, he wants the parliament to vote for this measure, and not putting it on a referendum for he knows majority of Canadians, are not going to go for it, thereby depriving a minority the right of equality.  So, what’s the right thing to do? Get these homosexuals marry each other, to ease their minds, but, let’s call it “civil union,” not “civil marriage,” for now, and when we are more educated, then probably this could become a reality.  


'The Peace Treaty between Israel And Egypt, came to being during President Jimmy Carter's administration in (1980s) backed by about $5 billion economic aid yearly to both countries which the media didn't know or say; subsequently the signers were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize except for Carter. This agreement came to being because there was money to support it and of course prolong the Mid-East conflict and nothing changed, and that's about twenty three years already. The total cost of maintaining the agreement is now running to $115 billion this year, which the American tax papers are paying. Why on earth every time the Americans gets into anything it's always uses the green bucks to seal a deal? That's the prime factor why Israel doesn't want to end the conflict... Money... and for Egypt, to carry on President Sadat's dictatorial regime now headed by President Hosni Mubarak. Is it not the fault of the U.S. making every country they want to help or control corrupt or it is just those policy makers that doesn't have the patient to use diplomacy without the green bucks to settle disputes or disagreements?” 4/05/03  


Big words? No... But, war is war... lives will be lost...blames comes after depending the outcome and that's how it works. Is the miracle for George W. Bush's re-election bid going to happen come 2004?... Gob Bless America's promise of freeing the people of Iraq from the tyrannical regime of Saddam Hussein.


Accordingly, 61% of Montreal's residents are on welfare or some kind of government assistance, if this is true, 39% represent the working force, which is composed of about 29% unionized workers. So, 10% are of higher living standard than the poorest? If this trend goes on, labor unions should ask for more money for they have to support and maintain 71% of the population. Maybe, people of Quebec should think for an alternative political leader that could change the system... even... a little bit.. that could be a start.. And, what about Mario Dumont and the Action Democratique of Quebec? Nah!!! Cannot be trusted... this man doesn't have the discipline to follow a leader or anyone else. He's going to be another Robert Bourassa. Well, there's nothing there but to have Jean Charest elected, he can not do much damage except if he bring in advices from his godfather Brian Mulroney.

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